Letter from the CEO

As we look ahead, we will continue to innovate and reliably deliver quality products that meet our customers’ needs.

As the CEO of Med-Pharmex, Inc., I am honored to lead a company with a 38-year history of developing and manufacturing value-added generic animal health products designed to deliver the proper care for animals and accessible to all animal caretakers.  In recent years our team has redoubled our focus on quality because we understand that quality is the foundation for delivering reliable clinical results to animals, providing value to our customers and distribution partners, and upon which to build continued and sustainable growth.

Our capable team is committed to our core values of: Quality in all we do, Customer Commitment, Collaboration and Comradery, Accountability, Continuous Improvement, and Results Driven.  As we look ahead, we are focusing our capabilities and culture on accelerating our growth and strengthening our brand.  We will do this by continuing to innovate, strengthening our market presence, and reliably delivering quality products that meet our customers’ needs.

With over 140 capable and committed employees, I am confident that we will reach these goals as we serve the animal health community and communities in which we work and live.  I am truly excited about the future and believe the best of Med-Pharmex is yet to come.

Paul R. Hays
President & CEO   

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